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Loss portfolio management and claims


In Glarus Iberica you can find an ally. We are

specialized on loss portfolio management. We work

hand to hand with your team in order to provide true

extra value. From a single claim to a complete portfolio.

We add tactical focus and operative work.

On Going portfolios Handling of claims affecting on-going businesses. Through this service, the company: Avoids creating or keeping an inner management structure with a permanent cost Focuses its actives in certain business areas or in specific parts of the portfolio Obtains extra aid in intense work periods
Run Off portfolios We manage portfolios which affect terminated businesses or businesses which are in ways of extinction. Glarus management can get associated to “transference of the future development of the portfolio” operations. Through this service, the company: Uses all its resources in the business that is alive and in future development fields Makes corporative operations (such as sales, portfolio closures, cessation of business, office closure…) easier. Complements “protection against future portfolio development risk” operations
A related specific service: Aid in transference operations related to risks derived from a loss portfolio Glarus Ibérica helps its clients with specific loss portfolio related risks transfer solutions: Analyzing the portfolio Evaluating possible risk transfer solutions and choosing which part of the portfolio to transfer Identifying coverage opportunities with first rate reinsurance companies and designing this coverage plan Planning and executing the loss portfolio liquidation which risk is on transfer
Adding value to your loss portfolio
“There are moments, circumstances and some status of our loss portfolio which require a creative approach which can maintain and raise profitability levels. Outsourcing a part or the whole process contributes to improve business results”
Our solutions
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