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Every company is a unique world and within it, its loss portfolios look like microworlds. Circumstances are different and these determine the best kind of intervention in every particular case. Customized solutions are necessary to optimize the loss portfolio and the portfolio value.

Claims Management

In Glarus Iberica you can find an ally. We are specialized on loss portfolio management. We work hand to hand with your team in order to provide true extra value.

We add tactical focus and operative work.

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Recovery Management

Have you calculated the amount of paid claims which could be recovered?. The effective recovery management turns into an immediate push to the results account of the insurance company. Glarus Iberica helps you in this aspect of management.
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Added Value Consultancy

Optimizing claims of a company makes it necessary to take into account multiple facts and points of view. Professionals who compose Glarus Iberica rely on their experience of many years in processes and diverse situations.
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Adding value to your loss portfolio
“There are moments, circumstances and some status of our loss portfolio which require a creative approach which can maintain and raise profitability levels. Outsourcing a part or the whole process contributes to improve business results”
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