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“There are moments, circumstances and some status of our loss portfolio which require a creative approach which can maintain and raise profitability levels. Outsourcing a part or the whole process contributes to improve business results”
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IT claims handling support

We have specialized claims handling IT tools which can

be parametrized to fit each insurance company reality.

Glarus Ibérica uses four specialized IT tools, fully adapted and customizable accordingly to the needs and requirements of its clients: Allows the total outsourcing since the customer avoids the need for a specific computer system for the business managed by Glarus. The application fits the customer´s needs: Fields, computer structure, operative actions, mandatory data... The customer has remote access to the Glarus management application in order to supervise the management or to obtain information. Feedback also fits the customer because of its timing and content. The use of the data and its delivery to the customer are prepared specially for them directly. Apart from the general claim management applications, Glarus has programs which were specially designed for the personal damage claims, transaction, and the recovery management and for the closure of life insurance claims such as savings and death.
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IT - Technological support